How to Apply

The Ministry has decided to offer the services to different vehicle manufacturers. The following procedure needs to be completed to enroll and use this service.

1- Applicant may fill the User ID creation form. Click here to download the prescribed form.

2- Send the scan copy of the following documents to pmu2-transport[at]supportgov[dot]in

i. Request letter to JS(MVL) on official letterhead.
ii. Application Form
iii. Type Approval certificate
iv. WMI code if applicable
v. GST Certificate
vi. Certificate of Incorporation or MSME Certificate if applicable

3- After verification and approval of the submitted application, user-id will be created and information will be communicated to the applicant.

4. The password need to be changed immediately by the user organization.

5- Only one user id/ password will be issued to an organization. The organization may, in turn, create sub-user ids and passwords, if required, for its constituents/branches etc.