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About Trade Certificate

Trade certificate has been enacted as per the provision of Sec 39 of Motor Vehicle Act. Rule 41 of Central Motor Vehicle Rules (CMVR) defines the purposes for which unregistered motor vehicle with trade certificate may be used at public place. As per Rule 39(2) of CMVR, whenever an unregistered motor vehicle is used in public place, the trade certificate shall be carried on that unregistered motor vehicle. Trade registration number shall be exhibited in a conspicuous place on the unregistered vehicle. As per Rule 33 of CMVR, the registering authority in whose jurisdiction the applicant has his place of business can grant the trade certificate. For Grant or Renewal of Trade Certificate the applicant has to apply in Form 16 with the prescribed fee as per Rule 81 of CMVR. As per Rule 34(2) of CMVR, the applicant will have to apply separately in Form 16, for each vehicle category, specifying the number of certificates required for applied vehicle category. Trade registration number is assigned and certificate is granted in Form 17 for each vehicle category, in as many numbers as desired by applicant. Trade certificate is issued as well as renewed for a period of 12 months. As per Rule 44 of CMVR, the trade certificate can also be suspended or cancelled by Registering Authority.

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Apply For Trade Certificate

Applicant who do not have any Trade issued by the concerned department. Applicant having a Trade Certificate issued by the concerned department as well as have registered email ID/mobile number.